Sales & Tax Returns/Audits

Sales Tax Bookkeeper CarlsbadIf you are a retail business and collect sales tax from your customers (end consumer), that is not your money to keep. It belongs to the CA State Board of Equalization. Fortunately, Bottom Line Management’s accounting team has the expertise in the preparation and e-filing of monthly, quarterly or annual Sales Tax returns (BOE-401-A2) in a timely manner. Even further, in the case of an audit, our team is here to help. We will prepare the required documentation and can serve as your company’s representative at the audit meeting.

Use Tax Returns

If you are a business located in California and purchase supplies or equipment from a retailer outside California (for example, by telephone, over the Internet, by mail, or in person), you must pay California Use Tax if the seller did not collect CA sales tax and if your business consumed/used those supplies in California. The State requires that you e-file an Annual Return (BOE-401-E). Bottom Line Management can take care of this return as well.

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